Zhao4 zhong xiang2 500 million mansion is comparable to the palace Treasure house full of cameras

indoor panorama

indoor panoramic

as the country’s most senior television presenter. Zhao4 zhong xiang2 hosted gala, zhengda variety show, the world of animals, and with & other The mouth & throughout; Is famous.

zhongxiang connotation of the words and deeds has always been low-key, he retreat CCTV, in the name of retirement, leading zhongxiang television era of CLS. Zhao4 zhong xiang2’s private life, in the capital city of private meeting place also has always been a mystery, although she was exposed by the media in May this year once, but the internal decoration, antique collection, private according to miss zhao, life daily life & hellip; & hellip; Or is it just the art world, literary and tycoons, as well as the ni ping, Yang LAN, liu xiaoqing seen such big star. Scott clubhouse to prevent stolen art, antiques, calligraphy, hire a professional team 24 hours round-the-clock monitoring, in every corner of the room there are thousands of hidden cameras.