Zhejiang xiangshan is the business license in 1951 Regular cigarettes per pack 0.13 yuan

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(correspondent LiMing registrations Zheng Zhenguo intern bei-lei zhang) industrial and commercial business license long what appearance, in a commercial society, the problem both merchants and consumers, how many people can answer about. But what’s the industrial and commercial business license, 61 years ago are not many people can answer this question.

recently, xiangshan town location openmindedness village, the villagers from the wall cloth of gold when sorting data, found that cabinet has a fold yellow & other; Xiangshan business license of the people’s government & throughout; That was his father’s ambition to set up shop in the wall of & other The business license & throughout; Ago, has been 61 years.

in the early liberation, xiangshan industrial and commercial bureau, the government has not yet set up specification worth of business is unified by the county government to issue & other; Business license & throughout; . Certificate 25 cm long and 20 cm wide, gear, grain, of continuous lace, kisses on is chairman MAO as the flag design. A license to the head of the household volunteers to apply for registration of eight items: name, open place, create monthly, the host organization, business, industry, business and capital.

license carries on the left side of the 5 cm square & other; Xiangshan throughout the people’s government printing &; And the county magistrate YueFeng show blue script chapter 6 cm long straight. Certificate of all the traditional printing, due to xiangshan no printing at that time, the lower left corner note & other; The public sector and yong river printing printing & throughout; The fine print.

this license type for & other; Words throughout 000837 &; . In the early days after foundation, the liberation of xiangshan only a population of 270000, two years, the county’s license or three digits, visible business at that time lag. Wall is home to the township government, didn’t also several shops. The registered capital of 400000 yuan, the owner soon monetary 10000 yuan to 1 yuan, 400000 yuan or 40 yuan. At that time, ordinary cigarette & other; ﹑ derviser & throughout; $0.13 per package, and customers get 3 cents unpacking for 2 cigarettes.

this piece of the collection of 61 & other; Business license & throughout; Reflect the country business conditions at that time.