Zhou boasts, can make the audience forget sadness More than two hundred million box office for three years

to spend money to buy a ticket, does not necessarily have!

in the hit TV series “minds” repeatedly mentioned zhou Shanghai lightening, June 8, zhou libo & other; Travel throughout China &; Finally want to play to guangzhou gymnasium. Before the media has been worry, zhou suffered in front of the guangzhou audience selective & other; The water & throughout; , but from the current situation of make out an invoice to see this kind of worry is unnecessary.

boasts, can make the audience forget sad

both stage and TV programs, zhou libo seemed in deducing the miracle of the Chinese culture. & other; It’s all without any accidental factors, only the inevitable causal laws. Throughout the &; Zhou said: & other; The history of economy, the film to flourish. In the 1920 s, people even dole queue, also can squeeze out a few COINS to buy a ticket to watch crazy comedy, lively musical and Shirley temple & middot; Temple of the sweet face. Throughout the &; Shanghai lightening to joke, he thought, the livelihood of the people, also have the Hollywood comedy healing effect, can help the audience forget the sad, smile to the future. Zhou libo analysis, he and his audience, facing the same social problems and confusion of life, under the same cultural background, each other to achieve a kind of tacit understanding, he can make the audience laugh at the same time also reap the comprehension of ideological enlightenment.

asked and what’s the difference between, guo degang, zhou made, for example, compare the three of them to the same three points, but different longitude latitude longitude is the same, is humorous, but & other; Latitude & throughout; Humor in different levels, the different, and his & other; Shanghai lightening & throughout; Pay attention to the spiritual needs. People with different people, so the middle & other; No who good who bad, only by not useful & throughout; .

box office for three years more than two hundred million insist on not complimentary ticket

organizers, from the point of the current ticket sales, mainly young white-collar middle-aged, tickets, which also not hair student groups. Talked about his performance at the box office, zhou is very words: & other; In 2009, 46 million at the box office; 2010 50 performances, break through the hundreds of millions of; In 2011, ready to fewer but better, some performance decline, to do some other activities, although less performance, but the box office between 60 million and 80 million. Throughout the &; Zhou libo starts to return to the stage since 2006 Shanghai lightening show, then launch the joke for 30 years, “big joke in Shanghai”, “I’m mad for the color, repeatedly encores, both Shanghai and jiangsu and zhejiang tour regardless of small theater, grand theatre and the gym occurred on the performance of a ticket is hard to find a rare situation, every attendances are one hundred percent, hit a national personal solo art form full, especially in 2009, in Shanghai alone full of more than 140 consecutive. As long as three days before the performance will be released on the Internet a performance, tickets will be fully in two days. Audience chasing the zhou libo’s performances around Yangtze river delta has also not new. & other; And I don’t show no discount, free tickets, I will together with all the show host will conclude a such operation requirements. Throughout the &;

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