Zhu zi-qing write the life of order after the price is too high by return self-mockery “practicing writing”

a birthday, in terms of our country, after the mid-ming period became popular. In general, are nothing more than praise.

as for the life of the price of the order, Mr In the canopy set & middot; not gossip (3) wrote: & other; In China, pianwen sequence of pricing often or each one hundred and twenty, however, colloquialism worthless. Throughout the &; Obviously, this is often & other; Throughout one hundred and twenty &; The plans of order will have to come from the hand of the celebrity, with elegant and classical Chinese and will.

the Anti-Japanese War of the southwest united university is definitely a miracle in the history of China’s education, but at that time those in the professors of life difficult also is staggering. Wen yiduo, for example, he taught at the UN general assembly every morning, afternoon, holds to the school, after correcting the students’ homework in the evening, in the middle of the night had a signet for others.

therefore, mei yiqi, Chiang monlin, Xiong Qing to, feng youlan, zhu zi-qing, shen congwen twelve together at home and abroad well-known educator and scholar named drew up for him & other; Professor wen yiduo stone writer or calligrapher & throughout; . Under a living, then the professors doing everything they can to, with carving in succession, jing word, write for a as a sideline, and & other; Professor wen yiduo stone writer or calligrapher & throughout; Also has a certain reference significance.

Southwest of zhu zi-qing

in the family burden is heavy, the whole family more than ten people, only 8.3 yuan, a professor of salary every month, he and his stomach trouble has been quite serious. Soon, his wife and children all send to chengdu, with relatives, he lived the life of a monk general in kunming alone.

according to the 1941 graduated from the southwest philosopher feng qi recall of the general assembly, during the study, hunan have a friend to write to him, say to want to find a celebrity generation write an life of order one of his relatives. Feng qi zhu zi-qing immediately thought of his teacher, he went to ask him, also hope to the economy of zhu zi-qing little help.

the life order soon to write good, feng qi in accordance with the order of writer or calligrapher, will make the price go, is the market value of the eight stone meters at that time. Only to the friends of relatives should think the price is too expensive, the reply say don’t. Feng qi was a poor student, in distress situation, says Mr Finally had to go full of apologies.

but zhu zi-qing just hesitated a moment, then said very humbly & other; I practice practice, this article never write, write well. Throughout the &;