ZuoXiaoZu charm of photography creation of contemporary art

the art reflect different age different realities. Prosperity is rich in high culture, sick time need some sobering sound & ndash; let us realize that disease is & ndash; This is the artist’s mission, is also a ZuoXiaoZu spell success. In addition to highly praise music, ZuoXiaoZu charm and another is the way of expressing ideas & ndash; & ndash; Creation of contemporary art. And most of his contemporary art media, photography.


ZuoXiaoZu curse rock, contemporary artists (high) taken

identity & ndash; & ndash; & other; Bitter ghost & throughout;

ZuoXiaoZu curse, rock, the contemporary artists. Grew up in a family waterman, experience the legend: Ceng Canjun enlistment, by selling cracked CD and was once avant-garde artist community in Beijing & other; East village & throughout; Founder, had caused the domestic rock with a curse of madness song the voice of the revolution.

but these abstract words are not suited to describe ZuoXiaoZu curse. He should be like this:

& other; Imperial cemetery watchman, enlightened wilderness of holding out a handbreadth blood, old and ugly, abnormal, the grand, wild & ndash; Landscape scroll to tear off a piece of old tree bark. A born old man, a man with gas gushes sunglow. Throughout the &;

this is a text of gothic artistic conception from the Zhang Xiaozhou (famous critics, writers). In my opinion, this is more close to the real ZuoXiaoZu mantra: despite all the titles and work, ignore him in all kinds of awards and fashion party shiny side, still flowing ZuoXiaoZu cursed his bones & other; Bitter ghost & throughout; The blood & ndash; & ndash; Not super dust free from vulgarity, above the earth, but mingle among them, the ponder, through natural eye, some bitterness helplessly to the hustle and bustle world of mortals pointing & ndash; & ndash; & other; Oh, I can’t just sit beside you in sorrow. Throughout the &;